Here's how it works - I have 6 song lists each containing 60 song clips. Each clip is exactly 30 seconds long.
At the Venue:
(You) Buy game sheets, usually for $1 each.
(Me) Randomly shuffle song list for that game and start playing music.
(You) Listen to the song, recognize the song, and mark the title if it is on your game sheet.
(You) Get 5 marks in a line vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Yell loudly and wave your arms.
(Me) Pause the music,and verify each marked song was played. If they were not, we continue.
(Me) If 5 in a line is verified, I hand you the winnings!
(Us) Repeat until we have finished 6 games.

After the last game:
   1. Tell all your friends how much fun it was, and make them promise to come with you next time!
   2. Ask the manager/owner to schedule another session, and promise you will bring more friends!